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Yards Introduces New Seasonals Today

1 September 2013

YARDS_BASIC_TAN_BLACKPhilly’s own Yards Brewing Company is introducing their new line of fall seasonals, and much to the applause of many neither one of them is a pumpkin beer. Neither will you find an Oktoberfest-style beer, something that is intensely popular in our German-influenced area. Instead, head brewer Tom Kehoe has decided to build on the popularity of their saison with Pynk, a tart raspberry ale set for release today, September 1.

As beers get heavier for the colder autumn weather, Yards has decided to make a beer that focuses more on the end of summer than the beginning of fall. Pynk is brewed with over 3,000 pounds of fresh raspberries and both sweet and sour cherries per batch, making it a slightly tart and crisp ale that will offer more than enough refreshment through the late-summer weeks. The beer is light and has a bit of extra carbonation, which will afford the drinker a pleasant warm night on the porch.

Along with Pynk will be the release of Cicada, a dry-hopped Belgian IPA, which uses not only classic Belgian yeast and local honey, but a hop strain that is so new it hasn’t yet been named. The beer, also being released today, is a very well-balanced melange of hop bitterness, honey sweetness, and a subtle-but-present malt backbone that will give the drinker a little bit of everything. During a brief food pairing, the bitterness and sweetness made this one of the most perfect beers we’ve ever had pair with spicy food.

new bottlesBoth beers will be available throughout Yards’ normal distribution area in bottle and draft format, but if you’re feeling charitable, be sure to pick up Pynk in its bottle form; $1 from each case sold will be donated to the Tyanna Foundation, who support local organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic to treat and care for breast cancer patients. Yards will also be hosting The Pynk Affair at their tasting room on October 4 in conjunction with Little Baby’s Ice Cream (who will have a Pynk ice cream) and Weezer cover band Freezer to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds with benefit the Tyanna Foundation.

If, however, you’d simply like to enjoy the beer, get out to wherever Yards is sold and grab some. Pick up Pynk for the warm summer nights we’ll be experiencing for the next few weeks , and then grab a few Cicadas to pair with spicy takeout from Han Dynasty. Buck the trend of only drinking pumpkin beers this month and grab these out-of-the-box fall seasonals; the only way to lose is if you let the season pass you by without them. Click the thumbnail below for more information about both beers.

Yards Media Event

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  1. 3 September 2013 1:02 pm

    These sounds fantastic! Since I’m not much of a Pumpkin or Oktoberfest beer fan, I will definitely keep an eye out for these.

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