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Only One Week Until Brewer’s Plate

1 March 2015

brewersplateThe Brewer’s Plate—one of the best local food and beer pairing events, and our favorite of the year—is only a week away, with festivities on Sunday, March 8 at the Kimmel Center. The event runs until 10:00pm and will begin at 6:30 for general admission ticket-holders and 5:30 for VIP ticket holders.

This first hour will be in conjunction with Drink Philly for a VIP cocktail hour, providing three local cocktails for guests based on Drink Philly’s Home Bar Project and made with the help of Dan Lan Hamm of Spirit Forward and 1 Tippling Place. The VIP section will also offer a special glass for ticket holders, as well as—for the first time ever—a beer brewed exclusively for the event, from Victory Brewing Co and Brewery Vivant, a special session-style ale called Bon Vivant. As before, there will be breweries offering VIP-only drinks as well, including 2nd Story, Brooklyn, Conshohocken, Free Will, Victory, and Weyerbacher.

While we always recommend the VIP experience at Brewer’s Plate, if it’s too late for that, the general admission portion of the evening is nothing to sneeze at. The quality of the food providers seems to step up every year, and this year will include such names as High Street on Market, Russet, and Amada.  But don’t worry—there will be the usual favorites offering their wares, from Alla Spina, Cedar Point, and South Philly Tap Room to Belgian Café, Industry, and Misconduct Tavern.

The local beer list also seems to grow every year, and 2015 will be no different.  Stalwarts like Yards, Weyerbacher, Victory, Sly Fox and Dogfish Head will be there, as always, but will also be joined by 2nd Story, Barren Hill, Brewery Vivant, The Other Farm Brewing, and last year’s favorite Forest & Main. A full list of the food and drinks participants can be found in the Brewer’s Plate website here.

Each ticket (VIP and GA) has a three-tiered pricing system, and the lower prices are selling out fast—if they haven’t already sold out.  There are still general admission tickets at the $69 price point (which is a steal) before they move up to $79.  VIP tickets are almost completely sold out, with a bargain of a $99 ticket still available—jump on this while there is still time!  Tickets can be found here.

We cover a lot of great events every year, but there are only a few that remain in the upper echelon year after year with such consistency as Brewer’s Plate.  And not only is it consistently good, but the participants seem to put real effort into their food and drink pairings, instead of just bringing something and hoping the two go together.  This is a thoughtful, delicious, and ultimately satisfying event that has been the cornerstone of Philly food and drink for years, and will continue to be. If you’ve never been, buy your ticket now.  If you have been before, well, you already know what  worthwhile event it is.

I hope to see you there.

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