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Bar Reviews

Being in the beer blogging/writing “business,” we get a lot of requests from friends, co-workers, and out-of-towners as to where to go to eat and drink in Philly.  Since we love sending people to our favorite bars and restaurants and hearing back, we thought we’d include a new section on the website detailing the bars we’ve been to with a brief review, rating, and recommendations of what to get.  All of this is solely based on our own experiences and may not reflect the actual experience you have.

Bella Vista
Royal Tavern

Center City
Monk’s Cafe

Interstate Drafthouse
Sancho Pistola’s

Old City
Victoria Freehouse

Rittenhouse Square
Square 1682

*We decided to go with a three-star rating system in order to clearly delineate a good, better, best ranking.  We find numbers and fractions of numbers, when used to excess, do not tell you much (is a restaurant rated 8.7 really better than one rated 8.4?).  A simple, three-tiered system tells you all you need to know.

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